Primary School

Partnered with Chrysalis, We employ the concept of the ThinkRoom to reinvent the role of the six elements of a classroom (Studio, authentic assessment, walls, parents, teachers and school leaders) plays in a child’s education, shifting their focus from achieving mere academic excellence to awakening human potential.

  • Studio: Every child carries a unique Studio to the ThinkRoom. Studios are questioning-based learning materials that helps the child practice thinking in the cognitive, emotional, social and metacognitive domains
  • Authentic assessment: In a ThinkRoom, every child can write and express in their own way. And yet, a teacher can objectively assess the real learning of the child.
  • Walls: With ThinkRoom walls, the child’s learning ambience is changed from a meaningless wall that separates to a meaningful wall that unites children through learning
  • Parents: Think Room brings an attitudinal change in parents by creating awareness and educating them on real goals of education by continuously involving them in aspects like Home Fun (instead of Homework), Think Room day (instead of Projects day), meaningful learning outcomes (instead of just marks).
  • Teachers: A teacher in a Think Room asks questions, lets every student express in their own way, assesses the learning objectively, equips herself with latest pedagogies and teaching practices, collaborates with other teachers because she believes in awakening the minds of every child.
  • School leaders: They own the vision of education for human potential for every child. They empower teachers and ensure that children get awakened in their school and goes beyond their school to change the education system.

In addition to all this, we supplement our children’s learning experience with Dawn Shikshalaya’s very own pedagogy and methodologies.

Headed by: Lalitha Senthilarasu

Lalitha Senthilarasu is an eternal optimist. She finds something to like in every person which makes her an amazing mediator and leader. She is the mayonnaise of the sandwich and keeps the team together and aligned with Dawn’s mission and vision. Since she married young, she began her career late. Thus, in the beginning she learnt everything from her younger peers. This has broadened her mind to the concept of learning, and she is never one to shy away from learning something new from the younger generation. This motherly soul has the patience of a saint and handles every problem with a calm mind and steady hand. She is an excellent mentor and takes her personal victories from the progress of her team. She likes to personally spend time with students to understand and offer the kind of attention they require. Lalitha’s keen eye for detail, individual and personalized attention to her students and optimistic approach to life makes her invaluable to Dawn.

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