High School

Considering the current competitive scenario and taking the government’s new education policy in mind, we offer comprehensive education and training that empowers our students and prepares them for every competitive exam including but not limited to NEET and JEE. We also collaborate with REACH Academy for this purpose. In addition to our well-trained and experienced team of teachers, students also enjoy the benefit of a host of other resources, study materials and educational magazines that are made available to them. Guest speakers and lecturers who are specialists in their respective fields are brought in to offer students more insight into their subjects.

Headed by: Jeeva

As a young football player, Jeeva was inspired by his coach to become a teacher. He is a strong believer that children are inherently extremely intelligent. It is the skill and responsibility of the teacher to bring that out and shape it into something that may be of use to the world. He is also a man with a strong sense of social responsibility. He cites this as a result of the time he spent working in christian institutes. He believes that it is the duty of the school to instill social responsibility at a young age and raise the younger generation to be more service-oriented. He also likes to encourage students to research and learn about current affairs, economics and politics as he believes that students should not be silent spectators of such elements that strongly affect their lives. As a core member of the Dawn team, he says that he enjoys the freedom and space he is given to implement his ideas.

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