Middle School

From classes VI to XII, we follow the NCERT books. New methodologies are adopted to make the understanding of the concepts easier. Classroom teaching is supplemented with activities, visual audio aids, interesting and brainstorming worksheets to make them understand the concepts. Assessments, Pre-work, homework, projects, etc… are designed around the learning outcomes. Some of the core skills we focus on is research and self-learning. Our assessments are designed with this in mind. Students are trained in research and are taught to collate data, form assumptions and opinions based on that data, theorize their findings and present it in front of an audience. Activities such as these not only help our students enhance their research skills but also develop vital communication and public speaking skills.

Headed by : Priya Murugan

This MBA graduate has her roots in Human Resource Management. Priya Murugan believes that education is the only tool powerful enough to change the destinies and circumstances of people and thus takes her job very seriously. She admits to enjoy working with older children as she considers teenage to be the period when a student is most open to learning new things, experimenting and developing their own individual, unique personalities. She is experienced in the NEET curriculum and training and is excellent at planning. This is because she makes it a point to include her students in planning, curriculum design and scheduling and always considers their opinions and comforts before strategizing. Priya is also extremely flexible and eager to learn. She appreciates change and is able to easily adopt new techniques and can train her team to use new technologies. Thus her openness to new things, uncanny people skills and meticulous planning make her a great team leader.

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