EZ Vidya is an educational services organization partnering with more than 1000 schools across India. Dawn Shikshalaya, Dharmapuri, partners EZ Vidya in implementing Chrysalis – a 21st century curriculum that enhances the teaching learning process in schools. Partnered with Chrysalis, Dawn offers a specially designed curriculum developed and designed to help children realize their exceptional capabilities in a synergetic and personalized manner. Chrysalis is a unique curriculum which brings out the extraordinary human potential in every child. This replaces academic programs and textbooks whose outcomes are limited to just understanding and applying academic concepts.

Headed by: Sathya

Although, Sathya started out as a teacher of computer science, she found her calling as a kindergarten teacher during her time with EuroKids. She is also trained in alternate teaching and has experience with children who have learning disabilities. This gives her a new perspective to approaching kindergarten education. She finds her work extremely fulfilling. She always says that she has so much fun teaching kids that she does not need any other stress buster. She values creativity and excellence in her work. This makes her a favorite amongst children and parents alike. Sathya is a fun, young spirit and is the life of any party. Her love for a good party is the reason why there is always something vibrant and fun brewing in the kindergarten wing.

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