Talent has to be fostered and nurtured in order to achieve greatness. Talents need arenas to display themselves. Shikshalaya provides this arena by organizing seminars, group discussions, quiz, role play, news gathering and reading, public speaking, etc., through the following clubs.

Young Leader’s Club

  • At Dawn, we believe that true leaders are not born. They are made. Being a leader is no small task. One needs to be a “Jack of all trades”.
  • One needs to have an understanding of global and internal affairs. More importantly, one needs to have an opinion on such affairs and the ability to convincingly put it forth. One needs to have communication and people skills. One needs to have a good vision and the skills to make other people dream of that vision.
  • Dawn’s Young Leader’s club is an innovative venture that attempts to train its members into such leaders.

Language clubs

At Dawn, we strongly believe that a language cannot be learnt from a text book. It needs to be experienced, acted out, spoken and listened to. For this purpose, the Milton club & the Bharathidasan Mandram meet every week and learn the art of communication. They do this through various techniques like creative movement, plays, film watching, group discussions etc.


Multimedia Club

We believe that multimedia and digital designing is an area that will entice students to take more interest in Computer Science.

Thus we have developed a special module to teach students multimedia tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, DreamWeaver, etc…

We also employ tools like Alice, Python, Logo,etc… that are specifically designed to attract high school students to computer programming.

Robotics Club

Technology is changing the way people do things in every part of the world and the sector continues to expand. Schools should prepare the next generation for the future.

Dawn has partnered with Next Education to offer our kids an insightful experience with robotics through the Robotics club. The club members learn the basics of applied Physics and engineer innovative electronic and mechanical gadgets. This club aims to instill curiosity and encourage creative action amongst its members.

Robotics is scheduled in their regular class schedule. The staff handling robotics receives regular training throughout the year from the Next Education.


Eco Club

The environment is everyone’s problem. Our current way of life is polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Countless other species are falling victim to our passiveness and ignorance of such issues. The Eco club is Dawn’s way of contributing to the solution. Various activities, events and classes are considered to ensure that the members are more environmentally conscious and are able to achieve a healthier way of life.

To further the club’s agenda, the members were taught to organically grow fruits and vegetables without the use of any chemicals and thus develop in them a healthy respect for mother nature.

They also went on several field visits to local gardens, farms, manufacturing plants and reservoirs to collect more insight into the topic.

They annually partner with Banyan Seed and conduct a sapling donation drive in the areas in and around the town

Banyan Seed

“A good education does not end with reading books.

 Success does not mean personal growth.

True success means growing along with the community we live in.”

With this in mind, Banyan Seed was inaugurated in 2015. In order to sow the seeds of social service and community caring within its young members, the club conducts weekly seminar series, field trips, movie screenings, community outreach, service projects and more.

Dawn Shikshalaya Senior Secondary School strongly believes that education should nurture global citizens. As members of the global society, students are expected to acknowledge their responsibilities towards each other as well as towards the society. Students should be aware of the societal issues and contribute innovatively to address the challenges faced by the society.

Some of the projects undertaken by its members since the inception of the club are Swachh Bharath Campaign (Since 2015),  Fruit sapling donation (Since 2016), issuance of daily accessories kit for old age homes, book donation for rural schools( Since 2018), Donation of groceries and essentials during the Covid crisis, etc…


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