Phonetic Training/ Awareness on Child safety

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On 30th November, 2019, the parents of our kindergarteners were given a training on the sounds of each word in English. They were also trained on blends, vowels – long and short vowels and family words.

This training was given to the parents so that they can guide their children back home. So, the children don’t get deviated. At the end, a few of our children tried to spell bigger words using phonetic sounds.

Then, an awareness was given to the parents about child safety where they were trained

  • To teach about “Good and Bad touch” to their children.
  • On how to say ‘NO’ when they encounter a bad touch.
  • To immediately inform the parents about whatever happened to them.
  • On how the parents should work to gain the trust of their children.

 A short film was telecasted on this. Also, the toddlers enacted a mime on the same.

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