Food Fest

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 “Nothing brings people together than good food”

To bring together the important theme of food and on the account of international food day,  a fun filled food festival was organized in  Dawn Shikshalaya on 12th October, 2019. The main objective of the event was to make the students aware of the names of various food items and the cultures they come from. Beautifully showcasing the signature dishes from various cultures, the event was a grand success.

More than 300 students gathered with their families.  All the delicacies were sold out without leaving a chunk. At the end of the day, children learnt how to work as a team with their parents and were happy to have bonded with their friends and their families. They learnt about the effort taken to prepare a meal, the ingredients used and their cost, nutrient value….Also they learnt how to market their product, calculate the cost price and to find out if they had a profit or loss.

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