What it takes to be a Veterinarian

 In Penned by our Students

Dr.Natarajan wanted to do an M.B.B.S. However, he did not get the opportunity to do so. So, he decided to become a veterinarian instead. He says that saving lives is his main priority. He also has a healthy respect for all professions. He says all professions are equally important to live in this world. No job is better than any other. Dr.Natarajan also says that the world is for everyone and everything. We, humans are born into this world and we possess the right to live our full lives and die. The same rights should be extended to animals also. When asked about how he treats animals and understands their problems as they cannot talk or express their emotions. Dr. Natrajan replies that all diseases have symptoms. So, as a veterinarian, he studies and investigates these symptoms, makes a diagnosis and then treats the animals. On an end note, he says that many people feel uncomfortable to deal with animals. They usually feel scared or disgusted. Therefore, students have to be very dedicated to the cause of serving animals if they want to get into the field.

                                                                                                                                          – Interview by

J. Archana VIII A1

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